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Gallagher Staging and Productions
Staging, risers, truss, barricade,
Cocoa, Florida

For Safety check out our 3600lb.Ballast/Safety G-Block also Riser's, Decks, Trussing, Barricades & more on our website

Gallagher Staging and Productions, Inc. is a California corporation that provides the foundation for premier events across the nation, creating a safe and reliable experience. The Gallagher team is comprised of staging veterans that have over 20 years experience, making us an ideal partner for your production needs. We have recently expanded and opened up a warehouse in Florida to service the East Coast 

Gallagher Staging offers a variety of products and services, ensuring flawless event production. From basic ideas to the most intricate custom work, we work hard to make each and every client’s vision a reality. No one in the industry can match our ability to design for better efficiency and execution.

Gallagher Staging and Productions, Inc. provides top-tier staging and equipment, designed and engineered to perfection. We are committed to producing standard and custom decking in-house, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship. Our staging is comprised of the most dependable materials in the industry to date, making us the ultimate authority in safety. 

Our decking is comprised of 6061 T6 custom extrusion, and is engineered to accommodate more than the required 125lbs. per square foot minimum rating. Versatility was the key ingredient when designing our staging system, allowing our clients to build their design around standard rental gear. Our stock inventory permits our clients to to stay within a required budget, making a visionary rendering tangible.

This innovative ballast design has revolutionized the staging industry with its fully engineered, multi-functional properties, used for truss grids, truss arches and dead weight. Some features of the GBLOCK include; bolt patterns for 12” x 12” and 20.5” x 20.5” box truss on five sides, as well as bolt truss in four horizontal directions, in order to create outriggers or bolt truss vertically, for tower truss. 

The GBLOCK in its entirety weighs-in at an impressive 3500 lbs. Its cement core is encased in black powder-coated steel, to prevent any chipping that could potentially alter the integrity of the ballast weight. The GBLOCK is 36” wide x 36” tall x 36” deep, forklift accessible from two sides and receives screw jacks to level. 

The GBLOCK’s sophisticated construction was conceived from the ground up, in order to accommodate production needs flawlessly. No one in the industry can compare to Gallagher Staging and Productions ability to design for efficiency and execution. 

The GBLOCK is exclusively offered at Gallagher Staging and Productions anis a PATENT PENDING product. 

12″ Truss
20.5″ Truss

See our website for more information.

We service AL, FL, KY, TN

Gallagher Staging and Productions
Eddie Kercher
722-724 S. Industry Road
Cocoa, Florida, 32926
Phone: 321-228-0948
eMail: eddie@gallagherstaging.com
Web Site: www.gallagherstaging.com.

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